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Getting Support

There are few resources available for people dealing with accidental death.

The resources here have been useful for others in this position. We hope you can find something useful here too. 

Supporting Yourself

A moment in time has changed life as you knew it. 

What can you expect to feel?

What might you find difficult?

What can you do to support yourself?

Dr Lucy Hone Quote.png
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Sit with it. Sit with it. Sit with it.
Even though you want to run.
Even when it's heavy and difficult.
Even though you're not

quite sure of the way through.
Healing happens by feeling.

Dr. Rebecca Ray

Self Help Strategies

Working with a professional therapist can be very beneficial for people who have experienced deep shock and trauma. But there are some effective practices that you can try on your own. These techniques have been found to be useful by others in this community and we encourage you to give them a go.

Supporting the Survivors

The impact of an accidental death does not just affect the person who caused the death, it also significantly affects all those around that person. There is a deep knowing that nothing will ever be the same again, for all involved, and those supporting have to watch alongside the suffering, often feeling completely helpless. Click here to read some suggestions for this difficult time.

Supporting the Survivors
Beyond the Early Days

Supporting someone who has accidentally taken another person's life will be a life-long mission. The person you care for will carry this grief for their whole life. Small acts of compassion can make the world of difference to your person's life.

Seeking Professional Help

Everyone's experience is different but it's likely that re-entering the world after the accident will provide challenges of one type or another. Read on to find some tips and advice to help keep you heading in the right direction.

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Saying Sorry

Someone has lost their life and left behind deeply effected loved ones. 

The person who died may be someone you also deeply loved.

How do you say sorry?

Justice System Support

Did your accident lead to involvement in the criminal justice system? 

Books, Podcasts, Articles...

Here you will find a collection of resources you may find will support you. 

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