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Welcome to Profound Impacts

An accidental death brings a mix of trauma, grief, guilt, anger, despair and loneliness. It is a space one arrives at in a flicker of time, that changes the lives of all those involved in profound ways. It can be an extremely lonely place to be. The usual resources and support available to those who are grief stricken or experiencing trauma, somehow don't seem to fit those who are responsible for an accidental death, as blame, shame, anger and condemnation, whether real or imagined, often surrounds those responsible for the death.

Profound Impacts seeks to provide a space where it is acknowledged that there was no intention to harm. There may be acceptance of responsibility, poor choices, lack of care, or even reckless behaviour, but regardless, the event has happened, and you, and all who love you, need and deserve support and compassion so you can learn how to be in this world while carrying the enormous weight of the tragedy.

Getting Support


Few resources are available for people dealing with accidental death.

We have put together a collection of resources and articles to support survivors from the early days and throughout the healing journey, to provide the help needed at this time.  

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